Greenworks Hedge Trimmer Review

If you have a bit of hedging in your garden, you may well get great use out of a hedge trimmer. In this Greenworks Hedge Trimmer review, we look at how this cordless trimmer performs.

Powered vs Hand Shears

There is little doubt that trimming the hedge is a chore that is laborious with hand shears. Using an electric hedge trimmer takes quite a lot of the time out of doing this menial, manual task – although some may quite like the traditional ways.

Each to their own, although after having now done hedge trimming using both methods, my preference is for making life easier with an electric trimmer.

Greenworks Items Required

At first, you may not realise that buying this hedge trimmer by itself does not actually provide the ability to cut your hedge! For that, you also need to buy a battery charger and a battery or two.

As part of this review, the following purchases were made:

  • Greenworks Hedge Trimmer
  • Greenworks Battery Charger
  • Greenworks Battery x2

This can make the costs mount up somewhat significantly compared to thinking that the trimmer is the end of the required spend. If you want to be able to trim hedges for more than, say, an hour at a time, I recommend that 2 batteries are purchased.

Ensuring that both batteries are fully charged prior to starting a hedge trim session will allow you to swap the battery out after the first one has fully discharged.

How the Greenworks Hedge Trimmer Performs

Overall, I like this unit. It is not so heavy (although the longer I use it the heavier it feels!) and it is also fairly quiet.

A fully charged battery should last about one hour before your trimming time is cut short (pun intended). As mentioned, it pays to have a backup battery charged and ready to go in case you need more time. Then you can start re-charging the first one again.

Be warned; The blades on the Greenworks hedge trimmer are very sharp. I managed to slice into my finger accidentally when not being careful enough. Always use the blade cover, too, when it’s not in use.

As it goes, the trimmer does and continues to do a good job of performing its primary function of cutting the box hedge that I applied it to. It even manages to cut through thin pieces of wood pretty easily.

I found this after using the Greenworks hedge trimmer to also trim a holly oak (Holm oak or Quercus ilex) hedge. While it’s probably not really intended to cut through branches (well, very thick ones anyway), sometimes it can’t easily be helped when venturing into more hardy hedges compared with box hedge leaves.

The fact that this is a cordless hedge trimmer means that you also get the advantage of being able to go anywhere you like without any hassle of dragging a cable around.

In summary, I believe that this hedge trimmer can be a very useful addition to your gardening tools arsenal.

This review will be updated with any changes over time.

4.4/5 - (40 votes)