Dining at One Thai Kitchen, Helsinki: A Culinary Experience Worth Savouring

Although it doesn’t seem like two places can be further apart, upon stepping into One Thai Kitchen, you’re feel like you have just walked in off the bustling streets of Helsinki to what feels like a cozy corner in Thailand.

The décor inside this very small restaurant is both elegant and inviting, creating a peaceful ambience that sets the mood for an exceptional meal.

The Appetisers

We started our culinary journey with “The One Bun” and “Kai-Satay”. The One Bun is a delectable fusion of flavours, a combination that satiates both your Eastern and Western cravings.

The Kai-Satay was an equally delightful experience. Grilled to perfection, the chicken skewers were tender and juicy, and the peanut sauce added just the right amount of zest.

Main Course

Our group was particularly keen on curries, and One Thai Kitchen did not disappoint. We opted for the “Massaman Curry” and “Green Curry Kana”. The Massaman Curry was rich and complex, the flavours beautifully layered to create a dish that was both comforting and stimulating.

The Green Curry Kana was a vibrant green concoction, teeming with flavour but not overwhelmingly spicy, which allowed the quality of the chicken and fresh vegetables to shine through.

Special Mention: Tony Stark

A special mention must be made of the dish aptly named “Tony Stark”. A blend of ingredients and spices that is stir-fried prawns, morning glory & pakchoi, this dish was the Iron Man of our dinner.

Ingeniously constructed and flavoured with garlic and chilli, Tony Stark was the hero of our meal – no superpowers needed.


For drinks, we opted for local Finnish brews, Karhu beer and Karhu Ruis IPA. Both were exquisite and paired exceptionally well with our selection of dishes. The beers were crisp and refreshing, cutting through the richness of the curries effortlessly.

We also indulged in a Virvoke, a non-alcoholic Finnish beverage that was pleasantly fizzy and rejuvenating.

Would We Return to One Thai Kitchen?

One Thai Kitchen offers a top culinary experience that is a seamless blend of authenticity and innovation. From the appetisers to the main courses, every dish was bursting with flavour that had us yearning for more.

Coupled with their excellent beverage selection and warm, inviting atmosphere, this restaurant is a worthy destination for any food lover in Helsinki, especially if you find yourself near the airport.

4.2/5 - (25 votes)