Ravintola Renna Levi Review

Nestled in the snow-dusted landscapes of Levi, Finland, Ravintola Renna stands as a small but well-formed beacon of pasta and pizza. Would the simple interior and inviting aroma from within ensure a memorable visit? Read on to see what happened.

First Impressions

Upon arrival, the restaurant was not very busy and we were met with a pretty basic yet sleek Scandinavian design. There were handy hooks nearby to hang up snowy items.

This inviting atmosphere provided a sense of tranquillity, serving as a warm refuge from the frosty outdoors. Renna is an Italian restaurant in the village of Levi, if you hadn’t already twigged.

Opening Drinks

The culinary expedition began with a serving of Virvoke iso, which is a traditional Finnish beer. The rich, robust flavours offered a delightful introduction to the Finnish palate and set the tone for the gastronomic journey ahead.

Off to a good start.

Food Order

Next came the food courses. The Pesce e Tagliatelle was a tantalising combination of perfectly cooked pasta and fresh fish. The delicate balance of flavours, from the sweet, tender fish to the lightly herbed pasta, was a testament to the restaurant’s focus on sourcing fresh, local produce and executing dishes with finesse.

Equally impressive was the Carbonara. This classic Italian dish was expertly prepared, with the creamy sauce and perfectly cooked pasta resonating in harmony. The addition of local cured meat added a uniquely Finnish touch, demonstrating the restaurant’s ability to marry international cuisine with Finnish traditions.


However, it was the Vulcano that stole the show. This pizza, with its perfectly cooked crust, rich tomato sauce, and an explosion of well-balanced toppings, was a true representation of Italian culinary heritage.

I’ve tasted many pizzas in my time (with a waistline to prove it!), but each bite was a delight, with the crust providing the perfect, slightly charred vessel for the vibrant toppings.

Winding Down

To finish off the meal, I ordered a cappuccino. It was a warm, comforting end to the meal. The coffee was almost perfectly brewed, and I would say that the frothy milk on top was ‘just right’. Presented with a dusting of cocoa on top, it was a beautiful rendition of this classic Italian beverage.

Ravintola Renna, in my view, offered decent value for money. The high quality of food, the aesthetically pleasing presentations, the attentive service, and the overall ambience provided an enriching and interesting dining experience.

Would I return? Yes.

Wrapping Up

To conclude, dining at Ravintola Renna was a good-quality culinary journey. It brought the best of Italian cuisine to life with a unique Finnish twist, all served in a beautifully curated, rustic setting.

This restaurant is not necessarily a must-visit in Levi for food connoisseurs seeking an unforgettable gastronomic experience. However, it’s good Italian food done properly. The service is fast and efficient.

4.4/5 - (19 votes)