Neff D55MH56N0B 52cm Canopy Cooker Hood Review

Every kitchen with a cooker needs a decent extraction unit. In this review of the Neff D55MH56N0B 52cm Canopy Cooker Hood, we check out the specifications and see what to look out for.

Installation of the D55MH56N0B

The D55MH56N0B canopy cooker hood is designed for integration into cabinetry. It goes without saying that it’s important to ensure that the unit is installed professionally to ensure maximum suction.

Always get experienced kitchen fitters or your retailer to fit the appliance where possible. The canopy should match the size of the hob that you are using. Also, keep in mind that the rate of extraction is enough for the size of the room that it’s in.

Ducted or Recirculated?

Neff’s hoods can be ducted out. This is the reason why their hoods (including the D55MH56N0B) do not come with a carbon filter. The hood comes with its own 1-way flap to fit on the air outlet which is 15 cm in diameter.

However, you will need a carbon filter if you are intending to use recirculation. These are not included, so you will need to purchase them as part of the starter kit. Use the part number 00772530 for this.

Using the D55MH56N0B

Presumably, you will already like the general look of the D55MH56N0B if you are reading this review. I find it very stylish, indeed. Some people do find that the LED lights that are supplied by Neff are a little on the dull and cold-looking side.

These LED lights are 4000K. If you wanted to change this to a warmer light, you might decide to source some 3000K LED lights and replace the ones that ship with the product. However, this is not something that can be purchased from Neff.

Compared with hoods I have used in the past, the D55MH56N0B is quieter – particularly in its lowest setting. Anything higher and you’ll certainly hear it but it is still fairly quiet. At least you know it’s working, though. Besides, there is no way that such a product could ever be completely silent.

The push buttons make it easy to operate and I think everyone will agree that this also looks good.


The D55MH56N0B is 52 cm (520 mm) in width and is made of stainless steel, which makes for an impressive look & feel. The height of the product is 418 mm and it is 300 mm deep.

The grease filter is made of aluminium (which is washable).

The minimum distance that it can be placed above an electric hob is 500 mm according to Neff. For gas, this minimum is 650 mm.

Energy efficiency

This hood has an annual energy consumption of 107.8 kWh per year and is energy efficiency class C.

When running in standby mode, power consumption is 0.40 W. Otherwise, with the non-standby mode, it’s zero. The fluid dynamic efficiency on the Neff D55MH56N0B is 16.7.

The total power of the motors is 275W. The D55MH56N0B runs on 50 Hz.

You can find the serial number of the D55MH56N0B inside the hood after the removal of the grease filter.

Recommend or Pass on the D55MH56N0B?

I continue to use the Neff D55MH56N0B canopy cooker hood and thus far it is working very well. The extraction is quiet, yet powerful and it looks classy.

It’s worth knowing that there is no remote control for the unit and you can’t connect it with your Home Connect hob. These aren’t gripes, as I much prefer the easy-to-use pushbutton system as it keeps things simple.

The price point seems fair for what you get, and Neff products are, in my experience, some of the better-made ones. The company has been making kitchen appliances since 1877 and is German, so there is some pedigree there.

Given the above, I’d recommend the D55MH56N0B without hesitation.

4.7/5 - (34 votes)