Miele M6012 Review

Not all microwave ovens are created equal; Not if it’s a Miele, anyway. We set out to find out why during the course of this Miele M6012 review.

The first thing that you are going to be wondering is why this free-standing appliance is so much more expensive than a bog-standard microwave oven. And well might you ask.

Some more basic microwaves can be purchased for a TENTH of the price of the Miele M6012 SC! Let’s delve into the features and see whether or not it is indeed worth it.

Miele M6012 SC Look and Build Quality

It’s no secret that Miele is widely regarded as the Rolls Royce of the kitchen appliances world. This reputation has been hard-won and the German manufacturer’s advanced technology and overall quality are generally second to none.

Miele does not disappoint with the quality of the M6012 SC model, either. It’s a sturdy bit of kit and the build materials & technology packed into it can be felt in the weight of the appliance (over 16kg!)

The appliance gets the nod from me in the looks department, featuring clean steel and stylish knob controls. It’s something that most people would likely be happy to have on display in their kitchen.

The oven has a bright LED light that is energy efficient as well as very illuminative. I always prefer LED lights as you can see everything clearly.

You can grill at 800 watts power using the integrated quartz grill on the M6012 SC, choose between 17 automatic programmes and microwave at up to 900 watts output. Read on to find out how it performs.

Stainless Steel Interior

One of the features highlighted by Miele about the M6012 SC is the stainless steel oven interior. The benefits of this material are the ease of cleaning as well as the “efficient distribution of microwaves”.

While it’s been a little difficult to check and verify the distribution of the actual microwaves without scientific equipment, stainless steel microwaves are more expensive than those with enamel interiors.

It’s certainly true that microwave ovens with stainless steel interiors do not absorb the odours and flavours of the food cooked in them. They are simply easier to clean than those that are not fitted with stainless steel inside.

After a butter ‘pop’ explosion in the M6012 SC that went all over the inside of the appliance, it was a great chance to put this to the test. I am pleased to report that after wiping the splashes off, no smell could be detected. Impressive enough, easily justifying such claims.

M6012 SC Combination Mode Cooking

An excellent feature, is this one. It means that you are able to save time by cooking and browning food at the same time.

The microwave function cooks the food while the 800W grill browns it. The grill can be used separately as well, of course.

Automatic Programmes

There are a whopping 17 automatic programmes to choose from. While you might not end up using any of them at all, you really should as they can be a real time-saver!

Automatic Defrosting

There are five automatic defrosting programmes that can be used:

  1. Ad 1 for steak and chops between 200g and 1kg
  2. Ad 2 for mince between 200g and 1kg
  3. Ad 3 for chicken between 900g and 1.8kg
  4. Ad 4 for cakes between 100g and 1.4kg
  5. Ad 5 for bread between 100g and 1kg

Automatic Cooking

The automatic cooking on the M6012 SC is split into frozen and fresh food.

Cooking from Frozen Programmes

  1. AC 1 for vegetables between 100g and 600g
  2. AC 2 for ready meals that can be stirred between 300g and 1kg
  3. AC 3 for bakes and gratins between 200g and 600g
  4. AC 4 for chips (French fries) between 200g and 400g

Cooking from Fresh Programmes

  1. AC 1 for vegetables between 100g and 600g
  2. AC 2 for potatoes between 100g and 800g
  3. AC 3 for fish between 500g and 1.5kg
  4. AC 4 for kebabs between 200g and 800g
  5. AC 5 for chicken between 900g 1.8kg
  6. AC 6 for chicken drumsticks between 250g and 1kg
  7. AC 7 for fish bake between 500g and 1.5kg
  8. AC 8 for savoury bakes between 500g and 1.5kg

M6012 SC Quartz Grill

As mentioned in the combination section above, the Miele M6012 SC comes with its own 800W integrated quartz grill which is handy for browning. And it works very well.

The dishes that I tried it with were evenly and uniformly done, and in a short space of time. This is certainly something that would not be found on a standard microwave oven and is a very useful addition.

Automatic Warming

Once a programme is completed, the oven keeps your food warm. This is a clever little feature and works up to 15 minutes following the end of the cooking.

It really is a brilliant thing to have on a microwave oven. Another thing to help justify the price tag.

Adjustable Power Levels

The range of microwave cooking power levels on the M6012 SC is from as low as 80 watts all the way through (in increments) to a maximum 900 watts output.

The full range of 7 power levels are:

  • 80W
  • 150W
  • 300W
  • 450W
  • 600W
  • 750W
  • 900W

M6012 SC Technical Specifications

Capacity26 litres
Fuse rating50A
Number of Phases1
Table of technical data for the Miele M6012 SC microwave oven

Is the Miele M6012 SC Worth It?

So, there you have it. This is no ordinary microwave.

Packed with plenty of innovative features, the M6012 SC comes with those extras that you didn’t know that you were missing before. There might be no going back once you’ve experienced them, too. For me, it’s certainly the case.

My verdict is that it is worth paying the extra for quality of this nature. I’d like to see a longer than 2-year warranty on the M6012 SC for a bit more peace of mind but, aside from that, it’s fine.

With the amount of use that a microwave oven will have in our household, there isn’t a question as to the value that this appliance brings.

That sums it up for this Miele M6012 review. I hope that you get what you wanted from the benefit of my experiences after a few months of using it.

This review is independent and no incentives have been given for it. It’s all down to actual usage, just like it should be. If you want to take a look at the complete user manual for the M6012 SC, you can get it here.

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