Illegal Eagles Review

There really are some excellent 1970s and 80s tribute bands around, from the Australian Pink Floyd to Rumours (Fleetwood Mac tribute). If you’re nostalgic for the old days then these can be just the ticket.

After seeing The Illegal Eagles in Cambridge recently, this is another one that you simply won’t want to miss if you are an original Eagles fan. These guys are producing great concerts around the world.

Illegal Eagles Video Preview

It may act as a bit of a spoiler, but this video is a taste of what to expect from this live cover band:

The Eagles had so many hits for such a long time, including as solo artists, there simply isn’t even enough time to fit all of them in one evening.

Hits Keep Coming

Classics such as Lying Eyes, Life in the Fast Lane, One of These Nights, Desperado, Take it to the Limit and Take it Easy were all performed with great authenticity.

And not just the instruments where The Illegal Eagles pay immaculate attention to detail. These guys really have done their utmost to master the vocals of the original Eagles members.

There are also renditions of tracks from the solo careers of the Eagles members that will also be well-known to most who love the original band.

The band’s members are all British and they clearly love what they do for a living. The Illegal Eagles’ encore was perhaps the Eagles’ best-known song, Hotel California. –

They just knew that finishing the evening with such a crowd-pleaser would be the way to go.

All of the above reasons mean that these Illegal Eagles are highly recommended. You will want to ensure that when they come around one of these nights that the tickets aren’t already gone.

4.5/5 - (55 votes)