IKEA FLEKKE Day Bed Review

Here we review the IKEA FLEKKE Day Bed, along with IKEA’s MALFORS foam single mattresses and the TUSSÖY mattress topper.

The FLEKKE is designed to be flexible. You can use it as a sofa by day and a bed by night. It gives the flexibility of being either a single or double bed, too.

Not only that, the day bed has two built-in drawers that are pretty spacious. The ideal place to put your linen, pillows, quilts etc.

Assembling the FLEKKE Day Bed Frame

Having embarked on the assembly of this day bed, I found that it is really easy to get a little bit confused by the instructions.

Thankfully, YouTube came to the rescue after the first couple of assembly attempts. The video below is absolutely spot-on for helping to assemble the FLEKKE Day Bed.

Not only will it give you a real idea of what to do, but the presenter is also really relaxing to listen to – ideal for getting you ready to relax in the end product!

Having said that, by the time you have finished putting this day bed together, you will definitely NEED a lie-down.

Bear in mind that this video is just part one of three videos that you can watch to put the FLEKKE together – It really does take hours and hours for the average person!

I guess that’s the name of the game with self-assembly.


Here are all of the dimensions of the IKEA FLEKKE day bed:

  • Length: 207 cm
  • Width: 88 cm
  • Height: 86 cm
  • Bed width: 169 cm
  • Bed length: 207 cm
  • Mattress length: 200 cm
  • Mattress width: 80 cm

So, what’s it like once you have finally completed the first part of this mission?

Comfort Testing the FLEKKE Day Bed

It’s a bit narrow as a single bed, so I had to use it as a double. I wouldn’t be able to roll over without possibly falling out in its single-bed mode. Some people might not find that it’s too narrow, so maybe that’s just me.

IKEA advises that you need to give it a number of days for the mattress to puff up for comfort. And, after a few days, it does indeed become gradually comfier.

Once sleeping on it as a double, noticing the gap and finding it just a tad too hard (did I mention I’m quite hard to please when it comes to sleep?), I decided to purchase the double bed topper that fits it.

At last, I wasn’t falling into the gap anymore, and the gap between the two mattresses could hardly be felt at all.

In my opinion, adding the mattress topper made a good difference.

It has half a headboard which sits in the corner of it. My pillows sometimes fall off the bed on the half that doesn’t have any headboard behind it. However, the bed is good for a tall person in that it doesn’t have a footboard.

Final Thoughts

Let’s round off the IKEA FLEKKE day bed review with some pros and cons.


  • It is a good, little inexpensive bed in that it takes up a small space in a small room
  • The FLEKKE can also be used as a sofa


  • This bed is heavy and not easy to slide the bottom trundle in and out by a female.
  • The single version is a bit narrow and as a double, you might notice the gap between the mattresses.
  • The MALFORS foam mattress is a tad too hard for my liking

Where to Get This Day Bed

There’s only one company to get the FLEKKE and that’s from the manufacturer, IKEA.

There are two colour versions, black/brown as shown in the review and it’s also available in all white. Here’s the link for the black/brown bed.

4.2/5 - (32 votes)