ReoLink RLK16-810B8-A Review

This all-in-one system from Reolink is an 8-camera system with a Network Video Recorder (NVR) capable of taking up to 16 channels.

The cameras are 4K quality and this bundle features the RLC-810A model camera, which are all powered over ethernet (PoE). This means that they can be plugged straight into the included NVR with no additional power supply required.

Value for Money

For the price, I think that you really do get a lot packed in with the ReoLink RLK16-810B8-A bundle. The level of technical quality is magnificent!

The included 1080p HD cameras are all equipped with infrared night vision capabilities, allowing them to capture clear images even in low-light conditions. The cameras are also weatherproof to the IP66 rating (giving protection against high-pressure water jets), making them more than suitable for use in outdoor environments.

This is a nice video that reviews the RLC-810A camera in detail. Despite his monotone voice, the guy in it really puts it through its paces so you can become familiar with everything it does.

Got to hand it to Reolink – The RLK16-810B8-A is an absolute cinch to install and set up. The system includes a 16-channel NVR (Network Video Recorder) that can be easily connected to a home (or business) network infrastructure.

The cameras can then be easily mounted and connected to the NVR just by plugging them in (must be direct), allowing you to quickly get the system up and running.

The ReoLink RLK16-810B8-A also includes a number of convenient features that make it easy to use and manage. The system includes a link to a free mobile app that lets you view live footage from the cameras and review recorded footage from anywhere.

You can also set up email and push notifications to alert you when the system detects motion or other activity.

Testing Results

In terms of performance, the ReoLink RLK16-810B8-A delivers stunning results. Home security camera technology has really improved in the last five years or so. It’s now basically like the professional CCTV setups used to be – probably better, actually.

The 1080p HD cameras provide clear and detailed video footage, and the infrared night vision capabilities work well. They really do a great job of capturing clear images in lower light conditions.

The IP66 weatherproof rating also ensures that the cameras are more than capable of withstanding the elements. There are slightly more advanced cameras that you could use (the RLC-811A) with the bundled NVR but I think the provided RLC-810A is almost as good, making this system a solid value buy.

4.5/5 - (30 votes)