Husky Heaven: Safari Near Levi, Lapland – Review

Have you ever dreamed of being pulled by a pack of huskies through the Lapland snow? That can become a reality in Finland. Read on to see our review of the 10km husky ride just outside of the northern village of Levi.

The Booking Experience

Our day started with a brisk visit to the Scandinavian Travel Group located in Levi village centre. The booking process was straightforward and well-organised, making it a rather seamless affair.

They offered us a host of winter activities, but the husky sledge tour caught our eye instantly. We booked it for a group of four, filled with anticipation for what lay ahead.

The Journey Begins

The company, true to their promise, picked us up directly from our hotel in a comfortable minivan. The drive to the husky safari location was filled with excited chatter and picturesque snow-covered landscapes passing us by.

Meeting the Huskies

The moment we arrived at the husky kennel, we were greeted by the most ecstatic group of huskies I’ve ever seen. Their exuberance was infectious, to say the least.

The huskies are kept in their cages before and after the ride.

The huskies, confined to their individual caged areas, were literally leaping in excitement. It was clear that they knew what we were there for, and we all felt the shared anticipation of the adventure that was about to unfold.

The Sledge Ride

After a brief tutorial on controlling the sledge and ensuring our safety, we were all set for the 10km journey through the enchanting Lappish wilderness. Every one of us took turns at guiding the sledge, with the other being a passenger seated in front of the musher.

And the experience was truly empowering. The huskies pulled with vigour, their paws treading deftly over the snowy terrain.

Your view: The husky dogs really are raring to go

There was something poetic about it – the sledges gliding over the snow, the huskies’ barks echoing through the air, and the serene environment making it a magical experience.

The trail had its ups, downs and slight turns, but it was well-marked and easy to follow our guide who led the way from the front. The sledge moved smoothly, and there was a large section where we passed over a frozen lake, its surface covered in thick snow in the weak winter sun. The experience was, in a word, ethereal.

One thing that we didn’t perhaps expect was for the huskies to do their ‘business’ whilst still running in front of us! Anyway, it all added to the experience.

The Aftermath

As we made our way back to the kennel, the huskies seemed just as thrilled as they had been at the start, albeit a tad exhausted. We were greeted back with warm drinks and snacks, a perfect ending to a perfect adventure.

The dogs after their 10km run

Final Thoughts

Our husky sledge tour, booked via the Scandinavian Travel Group, was a well-executed and unforgettable experience. From the moment we were picked up from our hotel to the time we bid farewell to our new four-legged friends, everything was flawless.

One of the beautiful huskies

If you’re in Levi and looking for an adventure that combines nature, adrenaline and a bit of fairy tale magic, then this 10km sledge ride is not to be missed. It is not just a ride; it’s an experience that captures the essence of Finland’s bewitching winter wilderness.

4.7/5 - (43 votes)