Hotpoint MWH 1331 FW Curve Solo Microwave Review

There are many choices available if you are shopping for microwave ovens these days. Here in this Hotpoint Curve Solo microwave oven review, we take a look at how this standalone kitchen helper performs.

Features Summary

  • Rapid Defrost
  • 13-litre capacity
  • Touch controls
  • 5 Power levels
  • 700W power
  • 28cm turntable

Vital Statistics

The dimensions of this microwave are 36cm (Height) x 39.2cm (Width) x 35.3cm (Depth).

The Hotpoint MWH 1331 FW Curve Solo is a bit taller and narrower than other microwave ovens I’ve used in the past. If you are considering getting one, you would need to ensure that you have enough height on the surface you will be putting it on. This microwave should otherwise fit well into the corners of your kitchen setup.

Usage Results & Thoughts

However, although slightly narrower than others, there was ample room for my round dinner plates which is about the maximum capacity that you’d likely need. Larger,or some square plates might be an issue getting all the way around the turning circle – so measure beforehand is my advice as the turntable is only 28cm in diameter

On the cons side, you have to use the timer in large increments so if you are needing the smallest unit of time to be 5 seconds or less, you will be out of luck here. You get a loud beep sound when the programme is finished, which I like.


I’ve cooked and reheated loads of things using the MWH 1331 FW Curve Solo now and so far, so good.

There have not been any issues whatsoever, and any frozen food has been cooked right through which is clearly a sign of a good microwave oven. There is really not much more to say about that, except that the five power levels should be more than adequate for most people’s average microwave oven usage needs.

700W is not exactly the highest of power levels for a maximum, but things just take a little bit more time.

The MWH 1331 FW Curve comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty. It has a fairly modern, white design and it gives you good visibility into the ‘window’/door. It’s quite a unique-looking bit of kitchenware.

I think that overall, this is a decent microwave for small food items. Nothing particularly amazing about it but it does the job effectively and reliably. The controls are dead-easy to use and it’s easy to wipe clean.

This can probably be considered to be good value for money when I weigh it up against similar microwave ovens in a similar range.

3.9/5 - (27 votes)