ReoLink RLC-810A Review

Security cameras have really evolved in recent years and now you can get your hands on a 1080p HD res camera for a very good price. In this ReoLink RLC-810A review, we look at such a camera and what it is capable of.

Main Features of the RLC-810A

The Reolink RLC-810A is touted as a high-quality, good-value security camera that is designed to provide reliable surveillance coverage for your home or business. And that’s exactly what it is.

It features a 1080p HD resolution and a wide-angle lens that allows you to capture clear and detailed video footage. This camera comes with built-in infrared night vision capabilities, and this allows you to capture clear images even in low light conditions.

One of the things that I really like about the Reolink RLC-810A is the compact design. I mean, it’s so small and discreet that you can fit them just about anywhere. They are a breeze to install and really do blend in with your home or business’s existing décor.

As you would expect from something that is going to live outside, the camera is IP66 weatherproof. This rating level makes it suitable for use in pretty much any outdoor environment.


The Reolink RLC-810A is complete simplicity to use and manage. It includes a mobile app that allows you to view live footage from the camera and review recorded footage from anywhere.

Here’s a fairly decent video review that shows off the RLC-810 in quite some detail. Best to skip a few minutes unless you really like watching the unboxing of the product…

You can also set up email and push notifications to alert you when the camera detects motion or other activity. The camera also includes a built-in microphone and speaker, allowing for two-way audio communication.

Performance / Is the RLC-810A Any Good?

In terms of performance, the Reolink RLC-810A delivers excellent results. The camera’s 1080p HD resolution ensures that video footage is clear and detailed, and the wide-angle lens allows you to capture a wide field of view.

From my (quite extensive) tests, the infrared night vision capabilities also work extremely well. I’ve been able to capture clear images in many poorly-lit places. You should not need a separate IR lamp, as the built-in one is top-notch and points where you need it to.

In my opinion, the Reolink RLC-810A is an excellent security camera. It’s well worth considering if you are in the market for a reliable and high-quality surveillance solution.

Its compact design, easy setup and management, and excellent performance make it a top choice. It is also lighter, smaller and cheaper than the ReoLink RLC-811A camera. I would have no hesitation in recommending this camera for home or business use.

4.6/5 - (17 votes)