Neff T36FB41X0G Induction Hob Review

Neff’s kitchen accessory range includes the T36FB41X0G Induction Hob. It’s sold as a high-quality, built-in induction hob that offers a decent range of features. Here, we review the product and see if it really is designed to make your cooking tasks easier and more convenient.


Here are some of the key specifications and features of the T36FB41X0G Induction Hob:

  1. Size: The Neff T36FB41X0G has a width of 60cm, making it a great option for medium to large-sized kitchens. It is also a built-in model, so it can be easily installed into your kitchen countertop for a seamless, integrated look.
  2. Cooktop: The Neff T36FB41X0G has a ceramic glass cooktop, which is smooth, easy to clean, and resistant to scratching and staining. It also has four induction zones, which generate heat directly in the base of your pots and pans, making them faster and more efficient than traditional gas or electric hobs.
  3. Controls: The Neff T36FB41X0G has a range of controls that allow you to easily adjust the heat and power of each induction zone. It also has a timer function, which can be set to turn off the hob automatically when your food is done cooking.
  4. Safety features: The Neff T36FB41X0G has a number of safety features, including an automatic shut-off function, which shuts off the hob if it detects that it has been left on for an extended period of time, and a child lock, which prevents the hob from being accidentally switched on.
  5. Ease of use: The Neff T36FB41X0G really is easy to use, just like the brochure states. It certainly has a clear and concise control panel and a simple, intuitive design. The residual heat indicator, which shows you when the hob is still hot, is helpful in helping you to avoid accidentally touching it.

Demonstration Video

This handy video from Lords Electrical will give you a nice idea of what the hob is about.


So, that’s the specification information done, but what’s it actually like to use in practice?

Having given it a good bit of cooking usage, the Neff T36FB41X0G really does seem to be a reliable and efficient induction hob. It does a splendid job whether boiling, frying or sautéing.

No issues or problems so far. The Neff T36FB41X0G feels like a quality product and performs very well indeed. I would have no hesitation in recommending it if asked.

4.4/5 - (34 votes)