Hotel Levi Panorama (Kittilä) Review

If you have a hankering for seeing the northern lights or some gentle skiing, you may find yourself in the Finnish village of Levi. Here you can find the Hotel Levi Panorama which I give the full low-down on in this thorough review.

Hotel Levi Panorama Location

The Hotel Levi Panorama is located in a beautiful setting in the heart of Lapland. The hotel offers stunning views of the surrounding mountains and forests, making it an ideal destination for nature lovers.

The address of the Hotel is Tunturitie 205, 99130 Levi, Finland (GPS coordinates N 067° 47.941, E 24° 48.659 if you want to be precise)

This location is very convenient for skiing and other outdoor activities, being situated right next to the Levi Ski Resort.

Top of the bubble lift outside the Panorama hotel

What’s more, there is a dedicated lift (see photos) that runs regularly down to the Levi Village. This is a real time-saver as by road it takes quite a while longer (not to mention added hassle). Just make sure you don’t miss the last lift or you’ll have no real choice other than to drive back.


The cleanliness of the Hotel Levi Panorama is impressive. The hotel is well-maintained and spotlessly clean, with housekeeping staff regularly cleaning the rooms and public areas.

The hotel’s public areas, such as the lobby and dining area, are also very clean and well-maintained. Overall, I was very impressed with the level of cleanliness at the Hotel Levi Panorama.


We found the service at the Hotel Levi Panorama to be pretty good. Our stay was comfortable enough and enjoyable.

The front desk staff did their job without being overly helpful. They had recommendations for things to do and see in the area, as well as assisting with transportation arrangements.

The restaurant staff seemed efficient, although very keen (possibly too keen) to clean plates away at breakfast time even when you still had things left on your plate(!). My tip: Don’t sit too close to the areas where they put the plates and cutlery to be cleaned as it can get quite noisy and especially if you are having a conversation.


I’d say that Hotel Levi Panorama offers good value for the price. While it is not the most budget-friendly option in Kittilä, the hotel provides a decent enough level of service and amenities that make it worth the cost.

You get a complimentary breakfast, free Wi-Fi, and a fitness centre. Taking these things into account, I believe that the price is probably justified for the quality of the hotel.


This is probably the best part. Yes, the rooms at the Hotel Levi Panorama are spacious, comfortable, and well-appointed. And yes, the beds are comfortable, and the linens are high-quality, ensuring a good night’s sleep.

View from the Panorama Hotel Bedroom

I can also tell you that the rooms also feature modern amenities, such as flat-screen televisions, mini-refrigerators, and coffee makers. Not only that, but the bathrooms are clean and spacious, with high-quality toiletries provided.

But those are just sideshows to the main attraction when you stay in these rooms. The big attraction is, of course, the northern lights (aurora borealis) that come out to play.

The room that we stayed in has a glass ceiling in the bedroom to which you can lay back and watch them. Of course, the borealis is not guaranteed every night but, if it’s clear enough, there’s a high chance that you will catch at least a glimpse of them.

We were lucky enough to see some fantastic displays on more than one occasion.= once the sun went down. It was truly spectacular.


The food at the Hotel Levi Panorama was OK. The complimentary breakfast buffet offers a wide variety of options, including eggs, bacon, fresh fruit, pastries and more. This seating area is pretty huge.

The restaurant also serves meals throughout the day, with a focus on local ingredients. I have to admit that we did not eat there except for breakfast as there were more options in the village to check out.

We did hear from some other hotel guests that this was probably a smart move on our part. Breakfast was adequate but nothing to write home about.

On the other hand, the bar offers a great selection of drinks, including local beers and wines. Overall, I highly recommend trying out the bar at the Hotel Levi Panorama.


The atmosphere at the Hotel Levi Panorama felt cosy and welcoming. The lobby is stylishly decorated, with comfortable seating areas and a fireplace. The hotel’s design is modern and sleek, with a focus on Scandinavian minimalism.

The overall atmosphere is relaxing and peaceful, making it a great place to unwind after a day of skiing or exploring the surrounding area.

The bottom of the dedicated bubble lift from the hotel to Levi Village.


The Hotel Levi Panorama is accessible to people with disabilities. It offers accessible rooms and bathrooms, as well as elevators to every floor.

Additionally, the staff appeared to be very well trained to assist guests with disabilities, from what I asked them. That said, I don’t have first-hand experience with this.

Is Hotel Levi Panorama Worth it?

Overall, we would highly recommend the Hotel Levi Panorama for anyone visiting Kittilä. The hotel’s location, cleanliness, service, relative value, rooms, atmosphere, and accessibility make it one of the best options available.

The staff made our stay as comfortable and enjoyable as could have been expected. Whether you are in Kittilä for skiing or just enjoying the beautiful Lapland scenery, the Hotel Levi Panorama is an ideal place to stay.

4.4/5 - (34 votes)